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Pest Control In Lane County, OR

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Reliable Pest Control In Lane County, OR

Lane County is home to the University of Oregon and Eugene, the second-largest city in the state. The area provides beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, forests, caves, and waterfalls. Its cities and towns also have numerous shops and restaurants for residents to enjoy.

Nearly 90% of Lane County is forestland, providing scenic drives and hiking trails. But these features also make communities susceptible to pests. The wooded areas serve as homes to many species near residential and commercial properties. Lane County, OR, pest control professionals can protect you from these intruders.

Infinity Pest Solutions, LLC is a local, family-owned company in Lane County. Our solution specialists provide residents and businesses with top-notch pest control services.

Residential Pest Control In Lane County

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Lane County properties provide open space and natural resources, attractive features for people and pests. Pests live near residences and invade structures in the pursuit of food, water, and shelter. They also leave pathogens that cause health and property concerns. Professional home pest control in Lane County, OR, has the tools to prevent these problems.

At Infinity Pest Solutions, our residential services start by inspecting your exterior for compromised foundation and attic vents. We'll look for gaps in your siding and search your interior for hiding spots. Our crack and crevice treatments include a liquid product, and we'll spray around your foundation to keep pests out.

We offer bimonthly and quarterly recurring services, with the best option depending on your building and pests. Call us to keep pests out of your Lane County home.

Commercial Pest Control In Lane County

Commercial facilities are vulnerable to pest infestations because people enter and exit these buildings all day long. When animals invade your structure, they'll damage property, contaminate items, and spread illnesses to customers and staff. Expert commercial pest control in Lane County, OR, is designed to handle these situations.

The first step in our commercial services at Infinity Pest Solutions is to check your exterior for entry points. After closing those spaces, we'll enter your building and search out pests and their hiding spots. We'll then treat baseboards, sinks, dishwashers, and other areas where these creatures might reside.

Effective commercial pest control is continuous, so we provide regularly recurring services. Contact us to protect your business from Lane County pests.

How To Keep Your Lane County Home Rodent-Free

Lane County rodents are wider than insects but can squeeze through tiny entry points to invade buildings. Mice and rats are the most common rodents in homes. They hide behind walls or appliances, chewing on wires and digging through insulation for warmth.

When these pests enter your home, they stay in rarely-used areas to avoid detection. The only sign they're around is the sound of them scurrying in your walls. The best way to avoid problems with these pests is to prevent them from invading your house. Tips to keep your Lane County home rodent-free include:

  • Seal spaces in your exterior larger than 1/4 of an inch wide.

  • Replace loose weatherstripping around your foundation and windows.

  • Keep your food in sealed, rodent-proof containers.

  • Remove garbage from your home frequently.

When you call Infinity Pest Solutions for rodent control in Lane County, we start by identifying entry points and rodent activity. We'll check common areas before developing the best treatment plan. We'll remove the pests and disinfect affected rooms to prevent health concerns.

Our solution specialists will also take preventative steps to keep future pests out of your home. Give us a call if you see rodents moving around your Lane County house.

What To Do If You Are Seeing Spiders Around Your Lane County Property

Spiders are disturbing pests to find on your property. Many species are tiny and spin their webs in dark corners of buildings, enabling them to remain out of view. Fortunately, most species are relatively harmless. However, black widow spiders are common in Oregon and can produce medically concerning bites.

Since it's hard to identify the species, it's best to leave spider removal to the professionals. But that doesn't mean you're helpless. These pests usually only invade structures to hunt insects; this fact can help you prevent intrusions. Some tips to keep spiders out of your Lane County home include:

  • Reduce clutter that provides hiding places.

  • Keep firewood at least 20 feet from your structure.

  • Seal openings in your exterior.

  • Eliminate insect infestations in your house.

One of our solution specialists at Infinity Pest Solutions, LLC will inspect your property to find these pests and their entry points. We'll remove the spiders from your house, knock down their webs, and close spaces in your exterior that allow them to enter. We can also treat other infestations that draw spiders.

Even after we close potential entry points, spiders and the insects that attract them can find other ways inside. Our recurring services include maintaining a barrier to keep them out. Let us know if you spot spiders in your Lane County home.

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