How Bad Is It To See Carpenter Bees On My Eugene Property?

bee on wood

It is hard not to have mixed feelings about bees. Our parents told us to avoid them because of their dangerous stings which made us fear them. Our teachers told us how beneficial they are and explained how crucial their pollination habits are to our environment. In modern times, many species of bees are in danger, specifically, the honey bee, which has led to awareness efforts and attempts to change people’s view of these controversial insects. One bee species in Oregon that many people don't know how to feel about is carpenter bees. To help you better understand this sometimes destructive species, here are some things to consider.

Carpenter Bees Are Solitary Insects

Unlike honey bees that live inside large nests and work together to make honey, carpenter bees prefer to live alone, creating solitary nests for themselves. These nests are burrowed into structures of untreated, weathered wood. They prefer softer varieties such as redwood, cypress, pine, and cedar. If your home, outbuildings, porch, or fencing is made of these types of wood and hasn't been painted or treated in a while, you will be more likely to find these pests around your Eugene, OR property. 

Carpenter Bees Can Be Dangerous

If you have ever been stung by a bee, you know that it doesn’t feel good. How dangerous a bee’s sting is, however, completely depends on one factor: if the individual who is stung is allergic or not. If you have never been stung by a bee or wasp, we highly recommend consulting with your doctor. They will perform some non-invasive tests to determine your risk and help you get an EpiPen if it is needed. If you are not allergic to the venom, a sting from a carpenter bee will involve mild pain, reddening/swelling around the affected area, and itching for a few days. 

One thing you should know about carpenter bees is that they do not just sting once. Like wasps, these pests are able to attack multiple times until they feel like they have gotten their point across. 

Why Carpenter Bees Invade Properties And How To Keep Them Away

Carpenter bees gravitate toward properties that offer them opportunities to find food and shelter. If you didn't know, these pests feed mainly on pollen and plant nectar. Keeping this in mind, here are a few ways to deter these pests from damaging your property:

  • Make sure all structural wood around your home, porch, deck, and outbuildings are properly treated and/or painted. This will deter bees that are looking for a place to tunnel their nests.
  • Remove budding plants like flowers from your property. This will reduce attractants that draw carpenter bees and other stinging insects to your property.
  • When eating outdoors, keep food and beverages covered as much as possible.
  • Invest in a bee hotel. As ridiculous as this sounds, it is a good way to support bees without putting your property at risk of damage.

When To Call The Professionals About Carpenter Bee Problems

If you are finding holes burrowed into your property’s wood and bees flying around, you might have a serious problem. To address this problem, do not hesitate to involve the professionals at Infinity Pest Solutions and invest in a year-round pest protection plan for your property. We work hard to provide comprehensive and quick solutions to area pests and have everything your property needs to become and stay carpenter bee-free. To find out more about our residential and commercial pest control methods and find a time to have your Eugene property inspected for pest problems, reach out to our team of licensed Eugene pest control professionals today!

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